SnapShot 360 Phone Apartment Marketing Survey Reveals Property Current State

In addition to the variety of email surveys, J Turner Research is also skilled at conducting traditional phone surveys.

J Turner’s SnapShot 360 is particularly useful for acquisitions or new managers who need a one-time, in-depth report of a property’s current status, or for identifying immediate problem areas at your apartment community. The SnapShot 360 resident apartment marketing survey examines four key property areas:

  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Amenities

How it Works

Conducted over two weeks, J Turner’s in-house, trained agents conduct phone survey of your residents. This method allows us to ask open-ended questions and provide answers in more detail than those obtained via email or written questionnaires.

Generally completed within five weeks of receiving resident contact information, J Turner delivers your full SnapShot 360 report.


  • Discover the top reasons your residents renew
  • Identify key factors that influence leasing decisions
  • Pinpoint your property’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Review the effectiveness of onsite management
  • Increase or decrease events, services or amenities based on popularity
  • Prioritize capital expenditures
  • Compare your property with national benchmarks

Reports Included:

  • Proprietary Management Opportunity Index - Ranks the importance of each category – management, maintenance, security, and amenities – and helps your management identify key opportunities for improvement.
  • Comparison of your property’s performance against national benchmarks.

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