April State ORA Power Ranking
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The ORA Power Ranking is based on J Turner’s monthly research of the ratings and reviews of 128,000 + properties across various review sites and ILSs.
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The 75 Most Populous MSAs and the Top 10 Properties in each ranked by ORA®

In the MSA ORA Power Ranking series which runs from August to October, we rank the 75 most populous MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas) in the nation based on their overall Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) score and highlight the top 10 ORA properties in each. The population in these MSAs ranges from 764,718 to 20,140,470.

MSAs 1-25
Population 2,512,859 up to 20,140,470
MSAs 26-50
Population 1,115,289 up to 2,397,382
MSAs 51-75
Population 764,718 up to 1,087,592

Disclaimer: The MSA population data was obtained from Wikipedia in August 2022. The ORA® Power Ranking is an independent ranking. A property or management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for the monthly or annual power rankings.

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Congratulations to the top 10 properties in the top 75 most populous metropolitan areas!

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