March ORA Power Rankings
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The Online Reputation Assessment (ORA™) score is the multifamily industry standard to measure and benchmark a property’s online reputation.

The ORA™ statistical model aggregates and analyzes online ratings and reviews of over 122,000 properties across multiple review sites and ILSs to generate a single score on a 0-100 scale, that is easy to monitor, rank, and improve. It is pioneered by J Turner Research, the leading full-circle online reputation management company exclusively serving the multifamily industry.

The Importance of Online Reputation

71% of prospects surveyed choose to visit a property with a better online reputation. Properties with high ORA™ scores produce 15% more leases than properties with lower ORA™ scores.

In our annual 2020 Multifamily Industry Leaders’ Survey, online reputation continues to be among the most significant challenges faced by the industry.

The ORA™ score provides a comprehensive view of your property, portfolio, or company’s online reputation. This score offers a convenient method to rank properties, identify properties that with challenges, compare performance with competitors geographically, and it facilitates management company comparison.

J Turner Research partners with Multifamily Executive to publish monthly ORA™ Power Rankings that ranks top properties and management companies in the nation based on their ORA™ scores.


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See How The Ora™ Score Helps Residents Choose Their Next Home.

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When we were presented with the opportunity to utilize Ratings Tracker, it was a very easy decision to say yes. Reputation Management is key to search and it is our digital curb appeal. Ratings Tracker makes it easy for our team to keep a pulse on their scores with one login.

Shelley Watson
Senior Vice President, Property Management
The Morgan Group

Take Control of your Online Reputation

Your ORA™ score is the starting point to the J Turner Research 360 process. ORA™ determines your online reputation and begins the process of understanding what your residents feel about the current state of your properties and management. Use Ratings Tracker to manage, track, and respond to reviews. Make informed decisions about changes to your practices. See the direct impact - happier residents lead to positive reviews and a higher ORA™ score.




Track your online score with our dashboard & reports. Identify your top scoring properties and see what practices can be implemented to improve company-wide management.



Compare and contrast individual properties and portfolios - locally, regionally, and nationally. See where you outrank the competition, and see where you don’t.



Use the detailed report data to make informed decisions on property and management changes, based on trends in score-impacting satisfaction factors.