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We are delighted to hear about your interest in collaborating with J Turner Research. We understand that many options are available to manage your reputation, and we appreciate that you have chosen us. You are indeed a smart cookie for discovering our services!

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We are the only All-In-One Multifamily Specific Platform Designed to Improve Resident Experience.

  • One place for everything

    No more dashboard hopping! We have your entire resident and prospect experience tools in one place.


    We are always getting smarter

    We are nerds; what can we say? We listen to the needs of our partners, and we enhance our solutions consistently to meet their needs.

  • We know your residents

    Choose a partner that has spent over two decades researching the multifamily industry and its residents.


    You aren’t alone

    J Turner Research understands that you are choosing us as a partner, not just a tool. We are invested in making sure you meet your goals!


    Beyond Residents and Prospects

    The multifamily industry is complex, and we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for any of your multifamily survey and research needs.

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