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Research: Short-term Rentals
We quizzed over 12,000 residents on their willingness to live in a community that allowed short-term rentals for a day/week and found that 19% of residents are strictly opposed to it. In conversation with multiple companies, the model of partnering with turnkey short-term providers is trending the most.
Research: Why Renters Leave
The answers all management companies need to know to retain renters and secure more leases. J. Turner Research, in partnership with Joshua Tree Conference Group, conducted a research study for AIM Conference 2019, Why Renters Leave? Don’t Beat Yourself Up!
On-Demand: The Inside Track on Online Reputation from Experts
Special guest, Alex O'Brien, President of Cardinal Group Management will be joining J Turner Research experts, Mindy Price, VP of Sales, and Nitin Agarwal, Director of Research and Analytics to share the latest facts and insights on multifamily online reputation.
Resident Attitude Towards Renewals and Online Reputation
An objective survey of over 39,000 residents nationwide exploring how they think about renewals, online reputation, and manager responses.
The Mechanics of Online Reviews and ILSs: 3rd Edition
The third edition of the Mechanics of Online Review Sites and ILSs report focuses on significant developments in the multifamily online review universe in the last year.
Leader Surveys: Multifamily Industry Leaders Survey 2017
A true gauge of industry leaders attitudes and expectations about issues central to the industry. This Leaders Survey trend report represents the responses and trends for the last eight years.
On-Demand: The Mechanics of Online Review Sites and ILSs: The Untold Story
An in-depth and quantitative presentation by Joseph Batdorf, J Turner Research president, on how the major players in multifamily online reputation impact property management.
The Mechanics of Online Review Sites and ILSs: The Untold Story
Updated: Oct. 2017 - A first ever in-depth and quantitative perspective on the inner workings of the major review sites and internet listing services relevant to the multifamily industry.
On-Demand: The Internet Adventure Webinar
Joseph Batdorf, J Turner Research president, presents the findings of the groundbreaking report on the journey prospects take when searching for a property online.
Prospect Surveys: The Internet Adventure Part 1
A groundbreaking investigation into the internet journey a prospects take to navigate to a property. Specifically assessing the role of online reputation in this process.
MFE Concept Community: The Next Gen Apartment
84,942 residents, living across 1,555 communities, representing 26 companies share their insights. The highest participation ever for a MFE Concept Community study!
Prospect Surveys: Prospects Research
A snapshot of findings from J Turner Research’s ongoing exit interviews of prospects shopping for an apartment community.
MFE Concept Community: Resident Lifestyle Preferences: An Insight
We have conducted surveys of 27,642 apartment residents who have shared their lifestyle preferences in an exclusive survey by J Turner Research in partnership with Multifamily Executive.
MFE Concept Community: What Millennials Want: Residential Preferences in Student Housing Design
College and university students across the country offered their preferences on housing location, design, amenity preferences, as well as the major influences on their housing selection.
Leader Surveys: Multifamily Industry Leaders Weigh-In
The purpose of the survey is to gauge their attitudes and expectations about issues central to the industry. This Leaders Survey trend report represents the responses and trends for the last seven years.
MFE Concept Community: Courting the Baby Boomers
Over the past couple of decades those 65 years and older have been moving around the country at a substantial pace, but not everywhere evenly.
Resident Surveys: What Do Residents Want?
41,303 Residents on their Tech and Communication Preferences
Compensation Surveys: Compensation Surveys
Request copies of J Turner Research conducted compensation surveys from the associated organizations.
Resident Surveys: Top 10 Resident Tech Trends
Trends in online apartment search patterns, behaviors, and preferences.
Student Housing Surveys: NAA Students & Parents Survey
The National Apartment Association partnered with J Turner to conduct a comprehensive parent and student survey. Assessing their preferences regarding apartment features, community amenities, and resident programs.
Leader Surveys: Multi-Family Market Leaders Survey
J Turner's recurring survey of senior level executives gauges their expectations and predictions for their own portfolio, concessions, occupancy, and challenges. The survey secured 146 responses.