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Nov 28, 2023 by Priyanka Agarwal

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The 2023 J Turner Research Summit is a few weeks away! In addition to our already-stellar lineup of keynote speakers, some of J Turner’s own industry experts will share their insights and actionable takeaways.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
 – Napoleon Hill

A multifamily veteran, a renowned industry speaker, an Apartment All Star, and host of the Multifamily Leaders Podcast, Mindy Price, Vice President of Sales, J Turner Research, will be the Emcee at our Summit. You don’t want to miss this!

New Truths about Prospective Renters

On Monday, December 11, Chelsea Kneeland and Marcus Armstrong will present - The New Truths about Prospective Renters: What Research is Revealing.

This session will explore how decisions made today in marketing and operations will impact the future of leasing and the income potential for your assets and portfolio far into the future. As the market is only becoming more competitive, how much do we really know about future renters and their preferences when making those decisions? How has the search for apartments changed with the onslaught of single-family rentals? What does Gen Z value when making rental decisions, and what consumer behaviors set generations apart? Join us to explore these new truths that challenge conventional thinking around today’s renters by reviewing the findings of the latest J Turner Research study.

Chelsea Kneeland is a 20+ year veteran in the multifamily industry and the Vice President of Strategic Accounts for J Turner Research. She leads a team focused on multifamily research and analytics and is a passionate advocate who serves on the Austin Apartment Association board and the Austin Apartment Association Education Foundation board. Chelsea chairs the Emerging Industry Insights and Opportunities Committee and serves as a delegate for both the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association. She is the 2024 TAA ONE conference co-chair, a believer in continual education, an AAA Leadership Lyceum graduate, and now co-facilitates the AAA Leadership Lyceum for future leaders. She is an NAAEI Faculty member, holds her CAS designation, and speaks and teaches frequently across the country. She also admits to being a secret Swiftie, having listened to Taylor Swift’s Midnights more than any other album in 2023.

Marcus Armstrong is an R&D Engineer at J Turner Research, where he spends his days concocting research ideas. Outside of work, you can find him trying to outsmart his dog at fetch or grappling with the complexities of IKEA furniture assembly. Marcus is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and can often be found brewing up a storm in his kitchen. He’s also a bit of a music aficionado, with an eclectic taste that ranges from classical to underground hip-hop. Despite his love for all things silly, Marcus is a highly professional and dedicated researcher, always up for a challenge and passionate about using his creativity to solve problems. If you’re ever looking for someone to help you bring your wildest ideas to life, Marcus is your guy!

Multifamily Mythbusters

On Tuesday, December 12, Turner Batdorf and Peyton Box will present - Multifamily Mythbusters taking on some of the enduring “rules” of the multifamily industry. Just like the popular show Mythbusters, the guys will perform experiments, doing a deep dive into the data to test what the multifamily industry believes to be true. For example, does crime really not have a zip code? Join us and find out whether these longstanding “rules” are busted, plausible, or confirmed.

Turner Batdorf is the Senior Strategist at J Turner Research. He spent his childhood in Houston, Texas, graduating from Houston Christian High School and playing in golf tournaments all over the city. He then moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where he attended Florida Gulf Coast University to study PGA Golf Management and Marketing. After school, he lived in New York City, working in sales analytics for a golf clothing company. He returned to Houston in December of 2019 to work for J Turner Research, where his primary responsibilities are working closely with the IT and Training departments, helping develop ORA and our AI tool, and keeping his father, Joseph, in line. In his free time, Turner loves getting into NFL analytics. He inherited his father’s love for the Detroit Lions, is in 11 fantasy football leagues, and even has a dedicated football watching room. Turner is also an ardent foodie who has eaten at five different Michelin Starred restaurants.  

Peyton Box is an Analytics Consultant at J Turner Research. He was born and raised in Mississippi, where he graduated from the University of Mississippi with degrees in Banking and Managerial Finance. Peyton moved to Houston in 2020, following his now wife. Prior to J Turner, he worked as an Investment Analyst for an investment management and financial planning firm. He joined J Turner Research in June of 2022 and works with clients to provide them with data driven insights that help improve their operational processes and online reputation. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf, reading, watching A Few Good Men at least a few times a year, and cheering on his Ole Miss Rebels in all things sports.

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