How Do Long-Term Renters Feel About Airbnb?

Sep 18, 2016 by Joseph Batdorf

Airbnb has shaken up the hospitality industry, giving guests new options for vacation and short-term rentals. As the Airbnb community grew in size and popularity, property managers were also feeling the effects of the “shake up.” New policies and leasing agreements were drawn up across several communities to address the allowance of the Airbnb model and short-term renting. But what about how long-term renters feel about the changes?


J Turner asked the question as a part of their 2016 MFE Concept Community report. And preliminary results of the survey found that, like owners and managers, many renters have reservations about living in a community that allows such rapid subletting.

More than a quarter of the 84,489 respondents (25.08%) said they would definitely not rent from a community that allowed short-term rentals. That is a significant number of people rejecting the Airbnb model.

Further, 21.32% of renters said they would be less willing to live in such an apartment complex, while another 18.12% were less sure, saying they'd be "somewhat willing." All together, more than 64% of all renters expressed a degree of negativity regarding short-term rentals.

This perception is only somewhat balanced by the 24.95% of respondents who say the presence of short-term rentals is not a factor in their decision, while a little more than 10.5% actually view it as a virtue.

One thing is clear – the reservations that property management companies have about the Airbnb model are very closely matched by the feelings of the renters who call apartment communities across the nation their home.

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