Q&A: Joseph Batdorf on the 2021 J Turner Research Summit

Sep 1, 2021 by Priyanka Agarwal


The multifamily housing industry is one of many business sectors that experienced a seismic shift during the 18 months. Companies across the country made sweeping changes to cope with the pandemic and continue today to glean insights into ways to improve their businesses and ensure they deliver the best residential experience possible.

The leaders better prepared to meet the pandemic’s unforeseen challenges are seeing their companies’ bottom lines recovering more quickly. Joseph Batdorf, co-founder and president of J Turner Research, believes the recent events have compelled the industry to reevaluate how it does business, presenting an opportunity to strategically plan for the next major challenge.

Batdorf shares why evaluation, research insights, and planning define the Second Annual J Turner Summit, Dec. 12-14, in Scottsdale, Ariz., and what participants can expect during this conference. For more information on the Summit, visit  https://jturnersummit.com/.

Tell us about the summit and how it can benefit leaders in the multifamily C-suite.

Batdorf: It’s no secret that planning is critical for success, and we want participants to be better prepared for 2022. We’ve spent the past 18 months evaluating and evolving the ways the industry has transformed and want to share these insights, trends, and research with leaders. The information shared will provide a competitive advantage for the companies who attend.

As a research company, J Turner prides itself on uncovering the latest trends and examining data carefully and thoroughly. We look for insights into what is unique, data that provides a fresh perspective on approaching common challenges. We believe this information truly empowers company leaders to make better decisions and lead their companies to success. I know for sure those that attend the Summit will come away with something that will change the way they think about their business.

How is the J Turner Summit different from other conferences?

Batdorf: We have designed the conference to be a more intimate gathering where participants can sit and talk one-on-one with industry leaders, speakers, and other participants. J Turner team members will provide the latest multifamily research, which enables leaders to be in a better competitive position as they enter 2022.

We have invited no vendors so that participants can focus on the information and relationship-building without distractions and in the relaxing setting of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a great way to conclude the year and prepare for the next!

What can I expect from the Summit, as a participant?

Batdorf: You can expect to be well armed with practical tips from business and management experts to move forward in the coming year. You can expect the latest multifamily intelligence that can empower decision making. And you can expect to rub elbows with other top industry executives and renowned speakers in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to give our participants actionable insights to reboot the way they think about their business, associates, and residents.

We’ve paid particular attention to our selection of diverse, “outside-the-box” presenters who can provide practical ideas for our participants. Keynote presenter and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham will share how to select and collaborate with adept and productive team members. Marketing expert Bonin Bough, who spearheaded efforts that made Oreos, Pepsi, and Frito-Lay among the world’s most popular brands, will share his recipe for marketing success. Other speakers and research experts will share their perspectives on emerging multifamily trends, resident behavior, industry predictions, and evolving organizational practices. There’s something for everyone.

Why the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale?

Batdorf: Much planning goes into coordinating this summit, and superior service is important to organizers and participants alike. That’s something we can count on at the Four Seasons! Get ready for a relaxing atmosphere in an idyllic setting.

What's on your mind about the industry's future in the coming years?

Batdorf: Recently, the apartment industry was compelled to examine how we do business and, simply, how to improve our practices. I believe many people felt off balance by having to quickly pivot to operate under stressful circumstances and remain competitive. At the end of the day, it was a time of self-reflection and growth for the industry. From coordinating virtual tours to developing package delivery systems, evaluating the interactions between residents and staff and the effects of short-term rentals, I believe the industry has grown and will be better able to face future challenges head on.

Are you ready to build a better comunity with happier residents?