Authenticity Wins: Engaging Multifamily Audiences with Angeline Pham

July 17, 2024
Are you stuck in the past with your social media strategy? Gen Z increasingly uses platforms like TikTok and Instagram as their primary search engine, favoring quick, engaging video content. Join Marcus Armstrong and social media expert Angeline Pham as they delve into the changing landscape of social media. Learn how to diversify your content using the 50-30-20 rule, leverage the power of humor and relatability, and showcase the authentic personality of your community.
 Authenticity Wins: Engaging Multifamily Audiences with Angeline Pham
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"It's always great to show a bit of personality, a bit of humor... I'm really excited to see these bigger companies take up social media as like a form to relate to other people. And I think that's something the multifamily industry is growing into as well."

The way people search for information is changing. Gen Z is increasingly turning to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram instead of traditional search engines. In this episode of the Multifamily Leaders Podcast, Marcus Armstrong chats with Angeline Pham, the mastermind behind J Turner Research’s captivating social media presence. Angeline, a social media savant, breaks down the importance of embracing video content.

Angeline emphasizes the need for authenticity and humor, drawing inspiration from popular video series like "How Much Do You Pay For Your Rent?" She advocates for showcasing the human element of apartment communities by featuring staff members and highlighting their personalities.

Moving beyond TikTok, Angeline recommends focusing on Instagram for a balanced approach to photo and video content. She shares her 50-30-20 content rule:

● 50% Engagement: Focus on content that showcases your brand's personality, such as "day in the life" features of staff members.

● 30% Informational: Share relevant information that your audience wants to know, such as tips for preparing for winter storms or local events.

● 20% Promotion: Promote your property with apartment tours and pricing information, but avoid being overly salesy.

Finally, Angeline encourages listeners to embrace emerging trends and focus on relatability. She believes that by placing an emphasis on social media efforts, apartment communities can connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Are you ready to build a better comunity with happier residents?