Communicating with Generation Z

Oct 2, 2016 by Joseph Batdorf

EdR is the number one student housing company in online reputation in the nation, with an impressive ORA™ score of 62.
In a candid conversation, Matt Sadler, Marketing Manager, EdR shared his expert insights into the company's policies and processes to communicate with Generation Z and to maintain a stellar online reputation.


His top ten tips for success:

1. Speak their language - Communicate with Gen Z in a timely manner via a platform of their choice.

2. Active involvement - Be actively involved in all online conversations.

3. Rock solid operations - Offer unmatched level of customer service and timely resolution of situations.

4. Top down approach - Get everyone on board with training, policies and resources.

5. ORM and staff trainings - Incorporate online reputation management into the new staff training programs.

6. Team work - Digital Support Specialists or corporate communications team to work together with onsite community staff.

7. Go all out - Respond to and acknowledge all reviews - positive or negative.

8. Testimonial advantage - Integrate testimonials into company sales collaterals.

9. Be genuine - No cover-ups to remove existing comments or posting of fake reviews.

10. Parents are important - Create a dedicated section with resident testimonials and all information for parents on your website.

Generation Z will soon make up the majority of student renters. It is important to learn the best way to communicate with them and their parents. 

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