How To Ride The Wave

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J Turner Research’s study – How to Ride the Wave – is set in the context of the current booming apartment market to predict what efforts will lead to continued success for multifamily companies. It was presented at the 2022 Apartment Internet Marketing Conference.

While rents continue to increase at a steady rate, resident satisfaction has been trending down. Though residents’ perception of the “value” of an apartment may be subjective, management companies and owners can maximize their profits in the long-term by better serving their residents in the short-term. To do so, multifamily companies need to understand how to balance rent growth with trust and loyalty from their residents, especially once market conditions take an inevitable turn.


You will learn:


    Trends in resident satisfaction and trust and the correlation between the two


    What drives resident satisfaction – amenities, yes, but what’s even more important?


    Communication from management – What are resident expectations?


    Why knowing staff name matters?


    Renewals – Resident expectations from renewal rates, will residents renew, and when they start considering renewing?

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