April State ORA Power Ranking
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The 2022 Top
Multifamily REITs

ORA® Power Ranking

The ORA® Power Ranking is based on the relative strength of over 132,000 properties across various review sites and ILSs. It is an independent ranking; a property or a management company is not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for the monthly rankings.

The Top Multifamily REITs in the Nation

J Turner Research announces the top residential (multifamily) REITs with the best online reputation for 2022. The top REITs ORA Power Ranking includes private, public listed, and public non-listed REITs listed by NAREIT, and it is based on ORA scores as of December 2022. This is the eighth annual multifamily REITs ranking.

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Congratulations to the 2022 Top Multifamily REITs by ORA®

The 2022 Top REITs can showcase their achievement with an ORA® crystal trophy. Please visit our swag store to order your trophy today.
(The number one REIT will receive a trophy courtesy of J Turner Research).