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Multifamily Leaders Podcast Episode 27: Maintenance Support and Retaining Talent with Adrian Danila

pencil icon Posted by Priyanka Agarwal on Nov 1, 2021 9:45:23 AM
Priyanka Agarwal
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Maintenance has always been the backbone of multifamily communities. Since the pandemic necessitated restrictions and led to staffing shortages, meeting residents’ maintenance needs has been more challenging. Listen in to glean ideas for retaining talented team members and ensuring your residents remain well-served during these ever-evolving times.

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"When you treat people well, they tend to reciprocate that.”

Mindy Price chats with Adrian Danila about ‘The Great Resignation’ and how it has affected maintenance service. They recognize that we are just at the beginning of our struggles with staffing shortages, and they note the significance of retaining talent. Adrian stresses the importance of empathy and kindness, knowing your personnel on a personal level, and having support systems in place so that team members do not feel overworked.

The conversation soon turns to skills that are important in top-performing maintenance technicians and best training practices. Adrian emphasizes that common sense problem-solving and critical thinking skills are key; everything else can be taught. Training, therefore, should be hands-on, tailored to each individual’s needs, and geared toward their professional goals.

Finally, Mindy and Adrian reflect on the ideal workflow for a maintenance team and advice for those desiring a career in the industry. Adrian notes that having one point of contact is ideal, and then that person can assign team members based on the urgency and age of the request. He states that improving technologies are making record-keeping easier, and there is great opportunity for career advancement in light of this shortage. For those seeking a career in this field, he encourages hard work, patience, and standing out by volunteering for those tasks that nobody else wants to perform.

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Priyanka Agarwal

Written by Priyanka Agarwal

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