The 2024 Division I
ORA® Power Ranking

The 2024 Division I Winners

Ranked By ORA®

J Turner Research announces the tenth annual Division I ORA Power Ranking – Top 25 of the 2024 NMHC 50 Largest Apartment Managers with the best online reputation in the nation.

Multifamily Executive, our media partner, has featured the Top 10 companies on their website and the complete list is given below.

The top companies in Division II, III, IV, and V will be announced in July.

Disclaimer: To qualify for the 2024 Division I ORA Power Ranking, a company must be featured in the 2024 NMHC Top 50 Managers List. The top 25 companies are determined based on their ORA scores as of April 2024.

Best of Awards

This year, we introduce a ranking of the NMHC top 50 Managers based on these top five categories—Customer Service, Communication, Maintenance, Cleanliness, and Security. These categories are most often mentioned in reviews and have the highest correlation to resident satisfaction.

J Turner Research's avant-garde, proprietary tool analyzes and classifies individual review comments by positive and negative sentiment into 22 operational categories specific to the multifamily industry. These categories have been determined following an in-depth analysis of over two million reviews.






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The 2024 Division I winners can showcase their achievements with an ORA® crystal trophy. Winning companies can request their complimentary electronic marketing collateral at

(The top 10 companies will receive a trophy courtesy of J Turner Research).

CRY 49 TOP 25 management 2024

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