The Sagamore Ranked as the Best Property in New York NY

Jul 28, 2014 by Admin

J Turner Research tracked the online reputation of 103* properties in the city to rank the top properties in online resident satisfaction.

New York, NY – July 2014 – Based on a breakthrough national study of apartment rating sites, The Sagamore  apartments has been determined as the ‘Best Property’ with the most satisfied apartment residents in New York, NY.  In an online reputation assessment study, J Turner Research tracked and analyzed information on 103 apartment properties in the New York City  from the leading apartment rating sites. To overcome the challenge of multiple ratings scales, J Turner Research devised a statistical model that established a single scoring scale of 1-100 representing the aggregates of relevant sites. New York’s average score in online resident satisfaction is 47, this score served as a benchmark to compare various properties in the city. The Sagamore managed by Bozzuto Management of Greenbelt, Maryland, emerged as the best property with a final score of 70.  The top properties in the New York City are:

New York, NY Top Properties with the Most Satisfied Apartment Residents



Final Score


The Sagamore






111 Worth Tribeca



The Magellan



Post Luminaria


** A property with a minimum of 10 reviews across multiple rating sites was eligible to be ranked among the top properties in New York.

The J Turner Research study—The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection tracked and analyzed the online reputation of more than 46,000 properties spread across 131 cities in the country.  Based on a scoring scale of 1-100, the national average in online resident satisfaction is 47. New York tied in with the national average to rank 44th in the nation in online resident satisfaction.

“Luxury, price, and space are some key factors driving the housing dynamics in New York. The Sagamore seems to have struck the right chord with its residents as demonstrated by the results of our online reputation assessment study,” said Joseph Batdorf, President, J Turner Research.

“With a steady increase in residents expressing their opinions online, it is time for the apartment industry nationwide to introspect on industry best practices to drive positive reviews. Bozzuto Management is on top of its game managing some of the most favorably reviewed properties on the East Coast,” added Batdorf.

For additional information on the study, The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection, please contact Joseph Batdorf.


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The Sagamore

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