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Ericka Garcia, Camden Plaza

Camden Plaza was ranked number seven in nation in the 2017 Elite 1% ORA® Power Ranking of properties for online reputation





You’ve consistently maintained your position among the top properties in the country for online reputation in 2017. You ranked among the top 10 Elite 1% properties for 2017. What do you do differently to excel in online reputation management?

We have a team who understands the value of online reputation. We talk about it often, set goals and aim to surprise and delight our customer so they want to leave a review without being asked. Camden Plaza strives to post relevant content that will help and engage our residents and prospects.



What’s the key to winning over residents and prospects on a daily basis? How do you handle conflicts with residents?

Living to serve is the key to winning over residents and prospects. Our team understands the value of serving our customers and takes the time to listen. We make note of all life circumstances residents are facing so we can celebrate and support them.

We handle conflicts with residents by listening to our customer; active listening allows us the opportunity to empathize and find a solution for all parties involved.



How and which social media platforms do you use to engage with residents and prospects?

We use Twitter, Facebook and an internal platform to engage with residents. We post strategic content by understanding our audience and customer to solicit open communication and involvement.



How do you engage with residents and prospects to encourage them to share reviews online? Do you use any community rewards programs?

Our genuine open communication has helped us develop great relationships with our customers over the years. We utilize face to face interactions to ask for reviews and ask for feedback after community events. We consistently ask for their feedback so we can continue to provide living excellence every day.



How do you respond to online reviews? And, who responds to reviews – is it an internal or external team? How do you respond to negative online reviews?

Our Camden Plaza team responds to all our reviews. We set a goal to respond to 100% of online reviews within 24 hours. We know committing to this practice allows us the power to enhance our customer’s experiences. When we respond to negative reviews we picture the resident or prospect standing in front of us. We listen, empathize and solve every resident’s concern.

How involved is your onsite team – leasing, grounds, and maintenance team in your online reputation management goals?

Our entire team is thoroughly involved in every aspect of online reputation management including asking for reviews, posting on social media sites, responding to reviews and owning our mistakes. Our relationships with our customers make it easy to interact with them online.


If there was one piece of advice you would give to a fellow property manager struggling with online reputation, what would it be?

Take a step back and look where you are. Celebrate the wins with the team first and then develop a plan and tackle one thing at a time. Online reputation does not happen overnight, so staying consistent is vital.


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