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Megan Collins,
Lincoln Property Company

Lincoln Property Company has 30 properties in the 2019 Elite 1% ranking. Read on to learn about the company’s online reputation management strategy.


Lincoln has 30 Elite 1% properties. Congratulations! What do you attribute your success to?

Thank you! Lincoln's success is likely attributed to a combination of great customer service and a strong reputation management strategy. Prospective residents turn to reviews immediately when searching for a new home and a bad online reputation can be a dealbreaker. We use trusted platforms to help us manage our reviews to ensure prompt and personal responses from our teams as well as provide a high level of customer service.

How does the company measure and evaluate the performance of its portfolio?

Centralized reputation management platforms make it simple to benchmark and evaluate our communities' performance, against each other as well as competitors. ORA®  provides helpful information to see which communities are performing at the top. This allows us to dig deeper, locating strategies that work and sharing them with the rest of our portfolio.


How does the company train and educate its employees to help in achieving your online reputation goals?

For education, we've created a series of videos and training materials to ensure every employee knows what goes into building a great online reputation. These were based on best practices we've seen internally as well as in industries across the board. Additionally, we take great ideas that we've witnessed at our communities and share them with the teams so that we can grow, and build off each other.

What are the three biggest marketing challenges for companies in multifamily today?

I would say the number one marketing challenge is change. Technology changes so much every day, you must stay abreast of all the changing platforms and algorithms if you want to stay relevant. This can be difficult to convince those around you that it is worth investing the time and money into rapidly changing technology, but you can never stay stagnant. The second challenge is online competition. We are in a much more digital world, and everyone's competing for expensive keywords and shrinking SERP (Search Engine Results Page) real estate. We're having to find ways to be more creative and new outlets for advertising that didn't exist years prior. The third challenge is source attribution. When you use several marketing platforms, you must prove their worth. Making sure that all your systems feed together correctly and that you have a strong lead management strategy is important to make informed decisions.

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