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Brandon Johnson, NuStyle Development

The Wire was ranked number one property in the nation with the best online reputation in the 2019 Elite 1% ORA® Power Ranking.


The Wire is the number one property in the Country for online reputation in the Elite 1% 2019 ranking. Congratulations! What factors have contributed to your success?

NuStyle Development is a small company primarily based in Omaha, NE. Our goal for the past 30 years has always been to provide quality housing options to the community and serve our residents with customer service that goes above and beyond. We treat our residents the way we would want to be treated ourselves. Being a small company allows everyone in the company to be very connected and hands-on with every project we do. NuStyle owns, develops, constructs and self-manages all its apartment communities. Every NuStyle project is well planned and designed, using high-quality construction to provide a product that will last.



As the manager of the property, what are your three most important “Do’s” and “Don’t Do’s” with regards to managing and improving your property’s online reputation?

  • Remember, your customers have many options when searching for an apartment. Always go above and beyond to ensure that they have had the best experience at your property.
  • Encourage residents and prospects to leave reviews. We always like to know how we are doing and how we can improve.
  • Resident events, social media interaction, and day to day contact are essential in creating a sense of community. Get to know your residents on a personal level so they don’t feel like they are just renting an apartment, but they are living in their own home.
  • Don’t be afraid of negative reviews, as they are a learning experience. See where you can improve or rectify a situation. Taking this approach has often led to our customers changing their review.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your residents to leave you a review. Property management can be difficult at times, but the personal words left by residents can make it all worth it.
  • Don’t delay in monitoring your reviews.

How do you manage conflict with residents and prospects?

At NuStyle, we always take a personal and professional approach when dealing with conflicts. We try and put ourselves in their shoes to understand their side. Often, face to face meetings are best so everyone is one the same page. Phone calls and emails can provide misinformation and seem impersonal. As a team, we will work together and discuss many different options in handling a situation.




How do you deal with negative reviews? How do you deal with trolls?

We are never afraid of negative reviews, as we always have room to improve. Our Director of Property Management responds to all negative reviews with his direct contact information. This way, the customer knows they are being heard and we are working on solutions to their issues.




How do you motivate your team to work with you to maintain a spotless online reputation? Do you set team goals?

When someone tours our properties, they have already done their research online and most likely have an idea of what they are looking for. Online reputation is one of the most important things when it comes to leasing, and as a team, we all understand this.



Is responding to online reviews important for reputation management? Who responds to your online reviews - is it an internal or external team?

Responding to negative reviews is critical in property management. Negative reviews are handled directly by the Director of Property Management, who works closely with the property to resolve a situation.


What support do you get from your corporate team in your efforts to excel in online reputation?

At Nustyle, we don’t see a “Corporate Team” or a “Site Team,” we all work together to provide the best experience possible to our customers. NuStyle Development is very hands-on with all its apartment communities. We take great pride in our buildings and the residents we serve. Everyone in our company is always working together and learning from each other.


According to you, which review site is most visited by your prospects during their apartment search?

Apartments.com or Google Reviews

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