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Jad Dersham,
RAM Partners LLC

Ram Partners has consistently performed well in ORA® Power Rankings. The company was ranked third among the Top 10 of the 2020 NMHC Top 50 largest Apartment Managers for online reputation, and 38 of its properties made it to the Elite 1% ranking for 2019. Read below to learn about the company’s reputation management outlook and best practices.



What do you attribute your overall success to in reputation management?

Creating excellent resident experiences is the foundation of everything that we do. We start by making sure our associates are treated with the same level of service we expect them to show our customers. It’s simple: happy associates create happy customers. Developing a positive online reputation, however, doesn’t stop at offering excellent service. Our teams must feel empowered and confident to ask the customer for feedback, positive or negative.

How does RAM Partners online reputation strategy fit into the company’s overall marketing efforts?

Online Reputation is at the center of our entire marketing program. We understand that a community’s online reviews have significant impact on a customer’s decision, and that great service is a business’s best advertising. Our strategy involves educating and rewarding associates who manage their community’s reputation well. Asking for feedback from every customer interaction comes naturally to our associates, thanks to continuing education efforts and company-wide recognition.

How does the company handle conflict with residents and prospects?

First, we listen. We empathize. We accommodate as much as possible while still following the policies of our company as well as Fair Housing Guidelines. If needed, there is an escalation process to handle conflict. When possible, we turn a person who has conflict into an advocate for our company, based on the way that we were able to resolve their concern. And of course, we learn from feedback from our customers and residents.


How does the company use ORA® to measure and evaluate the performance of its portfolio?

How does the company train and educate its employees to help in achieving your online reputation goals?


How does the company train and educate its employees to help in achieving your online reputation goals?

RAM has developed an extensive learning plan that educates our associates on how to create and maintain a positive online reputation. The associate is taught how to generate and respond to reviews, work their reputation management platforms, and handle negative reviews. Every course/class emphasizes pairing our service culture with the review culture.

What are the three biggest marketing challenges for companies in multifamily today?

Source Attribution – In the era of multi-touch marketing, there are still many challenges to properly attributing every marketing dollar spent. As marketing costs continue to rise, our goal is to effectively determine where we should emphasize our marketing campaigns.

Fraudulent Applications – In many markets in which RAM operates, we’ve seen a significant increase in fraudulent application activity. Fraudulent applications can waste a great deal of time and resources for our communities. Putting the correct policies and technologies in place to combat fraud can be challenging.

Deploying New Technologies and Strategies – Educating all associates, with varying levels of expertise, is a challenge when it comes to our marketing platforms and dashboards. Many of the marketing fundamentals remain consistent. The ways that our customers find us and choose our community, however, continue to evolve. We all need to move ahead with it.

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