Insights from Einstein

Jan 9, 2024 by Turner Batdorf

Einstein: it is a name you probably are familiar with, but if you are like me, you may not know what exactly he did to be a household name. I will be the first to tell you that that is okay! This, after all, is not a 7th grade science class. But, if I had to guess, I would imagine that the main thing you probably associate with Einstein is being smart, and that is really the main takeaway! Outside of his unique and loveable appearance, us at J Turner Research appreciate Einstein’s smartness along with his desire to go beyond what is commonly accepted as “the standard.” In fact, he is a big inspiration about why our slogan at J Turner Research is “Always getting smarter.”

With that in mind, we of course had to name our AI (Artificial Intelligence) Suite after Einstein! While AI has been a hot button topic for multifamily in 2023, it has been something we have been working on since 2020. Right now, we have his name stamped on some of our advanced reporting, our automated response program, and the focus of this blog, our Thought Analysis tool. Einstein Thought Analysis by J Turner Research is a tool that analyzes the open-ended feedback (reviews and survey comments) of residents and prospects to give insights about operational strengths and weaknesses. It is multifamily specific and is used to tell you what residents are complimenting and what they are complaining about. Einstein works by taking each individual thought within each review or comment and placing it into 1 of 22 operational categories that are specific to the multifamily industry. It also categorizes each thought as positive or negative. It was developed over 3 years and trained on hundreds of thousands of online reviews. To date, Einstein has analyzed over 1.7 million reviews and 3.8 million individual thoughts.

The value of our Einstein Thought Analysis is two-fold. First off, you need to understand your resident satisfaction. The multifamily industry is obsessed with scores and indexes, a lot of which are fantastic. But… management companies do not typically have a full understanding of the why behind the scores. The issue with the “why” is that is usually very time consuming to dig in. In this case, it can take tens of hours to not only read each review, but also identify the patterns of what is being said from a 30,000-foot glance. Einstein Thought Analysis takes the task of finding the “why” off your plate by outlining what categories are appearing positively and negatively most often. Let’s be real… you do not have the time to do this line by line yourself!

For those who do not know me, my name is Turner Batdorf, and I am the Senior Strategist here at J Turner Research and the developer of Einstein Thought Analysis. I am really excited about starting a blog that focuses on insights from Einstein because there has been such a high barrier to entry on understanding what renters are saying. On the second Tuesday of each month, I am going to publish a blog that gives you an insight from Einstein. I will provide insights on what categories are trending up and down, where student reviewers differ from conventional, and even dive into what is being mentioned within the specific categories and how it is affecting ORA Scores. Because J Turner Research has access to every property in the country, we can look at the 22 operational categories wholistically, making these insights truly reflective of the industry. I am going to keep these blogs short and sweet. I want you to leave each month with something that you can take back to either better understand renters or your own business better.

Thanks for reading this blog and joining me on this journey!

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