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Top 10 Texas Cities with the Happiest Apartment Residents

Monday, April 21, 2014

Katy is the Happiest Texas City, Houston Ranks Number One in Online reviews in the Country according to a study of 4,800 apartment properties in the state and 46,000 apartment properties in the nation by  J Turner Research

Don’t mess with Texas, well yes! Don’t mess with Texas apartment residents too!  Texans living in apartments have voiced their opinion to rank the Top 10 cities with the Happiest Apartment Residents. In a breakthrough study, J Turner Research, tracked and analyzed more than 150,000 online reviews for 4,800 apartment properties spread across 39 cities in Texas. Based on an aggregate scoring scale of 1-100, the average score in online resident satisfaction in Texas is 46. Katy was crowned the Happiest Texas City with a final score of 54, Bryan came in second with a final score of 53, and Tyler ranked third with a final score of 51. Among the five largest Texas cities, Dallas was the most favorably rated followed by Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Houston apartment residents are the most active online, making the city lead the nation in online reviews.

The Texas study is part of a larger national study - The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection in which J Turner Research tracked and analyzed the online reputation of 46,000 properties spread across 131 cities nationally. Texas ranks 31st in the country in online resident satisfaction.  The national average in online resident satisfaction is 47, Texas scored 44.

Top 10 Texas Cities with the Happiest Apartment Residents



City, State

Final Score














San Angelo

















** Ranking is based on the final score followed by the number of properties with online reviews on multiple sites.


“Texas is an important and growing market in the apartment industry, with Houston leading the growth. Thanks to robust economy, the demand for multifamily units continues to accelerate in the State, especially in Houston. With the exponential increase in the influence of online reviews, online reputation management is fast becoming a key focus area for every industry including the apartment industry. In a dynamic market like Houston, where apartment residents are the most active online in the country, it is all the more critical for management companies to play close to heed to online conversations,” shared Joseph Batdorf, President, J Turner Research.


  “We hope that for apartment management companies in Texas, our study can provide a platform to strategically assess the impact and evolution of online reputation on their company,” added Batdorf.


About the Study:  The Digital Mirror: Online Ratings and Reflection, Texas Chapter

In this breakthrough study, J Turner tracked and analyzed the online reputation of more than 4,800 apartment communities statewide. To overcome the challenge of multiple ratings scales, J Turner devised a statistical model that established a single score representing the aggregates of relevant sites. This score served as a benchmark to compare various properties, management companies, and cities. A city with at least 25 properties reviewed online was eligible to be ranked in this study which included 39 cities in the state of Texas.

 About J Turner Research

Houston based, J Turner Research is the leading provider of innovative, affordable, and business enhancing market research services for the multifamily industry.  For more than a decade, through its unique survey methodology, industry benchmarking process, and trending reports, J Turner has been empowering clients with monthly, actionable, and true operational intelligence to strategically enhance their business and marketing. The company offers a range of cutting edge services including monthly resident satisfaction surveys, real-time prospect feedback surveys, and the recently launched social media and online reputation assessment application among others.  For more information, please call (281) 558-4840 or visit J Turner Research