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The Keys to Success: How Roscoe Property Management Improved Their ORA™ Score by 33%

Roscoe Property Management wanted an easier way to quantify the data they collected. J Turner made it possible.

Making Sense of Gathered Data

If there’s one thing Roscoe Property Management has always understood, it’s that resident satisfaction is key to successful property management. They know that without residents, there is no business. Yet the challenge often lies in having both the tools and the time to properly understand the data you receive.

With 17,000 units in the Dallas area, Roscoe Property Management has thousands of residents whose happiness they value. Though they had conducted their own research before working with J Turner, the sheer volume of responses made it difficult to parse through and quantify data in a meaningful way that would lead to better serving their residents.

It was time to call in a partner who could help: J Turner.

Lots of Information. No Clear Way to Manage It.

The leadership team at Roscoe Property Management has long been monitoring the online reviews and reputations of their properties, even before it became standard practice. Yet prior to working with J Turner, they lacked the tools to be able to quantify the happiness level of their residents. 

Without a dedicated system to help them analyze any data they collected, they risked missing crucial opportunities to improve the resident experience.

It Was Always About the Customers

For Roscoe Property Management, their priority has always been to ensure residents love where they live, and they have long appreciated the power of data to help them achieve this goal. What they needed were analytical tools that could provide the detailed insight that was necessary to better serve residents.

Their goals in working with J Turner were to obtain more valuable feedback from their residents, monitor their reviews, and ultimately improve resident satisfaction.

Want to improve your online reputation and increase resident satisfaction?

Why J Turner?

In searching for their ideal solution, the criteria was relatively simple: Roscoe Property Management wanted a solution with a simple interface that was easy to use and understand. J Turner’s extensive offerings provided the flexibility and simplicity they needed. Seeing how J Turner's solutions worked in tandem with one another added to the appeal.

J Turner: Delivering the Perfect Solution

When Roscoe Property Management started their journey with J Turner, they began with Resident and Prospect Surveys. Once they realized the quality of information they were receiving was higher with J Turner, they added Ratings Tracker Premium since tracking their ORA™ scores was vital in their search for resident satisfaction.

The tools turned out to be exactly what they needed. They were able to use the data they gathered to make meaningful improvements to greatly improve the resident experience. They appreciated the convenient and helpful features Ratings Tracker Premium provided, such as the word cloud that shows common words that come up in reviews—helping them see patterns. They also found the ORA™ score to be a useful tool in communicating the importance of online reputation to their team.

After J Turner: Better Results, Improved Teamwork

Working with J Turner has helped Roscoe Property Management see a variety of positive results. Their Leasing Agent performance, Value Perception, and resident satisfaction have each increased by 9%. Their Physical Marketability has increased by 10%. Finally, they have seen the most growth in an area of utmost importance to them: resident satisfaction, with an impressive 33% increase in their ORA™ score.

The benefits have extended beyond property and resident growth and satisfaction. The Roscoe Property Management team has improved their operations as a result of having more detailed data at their fingertips. Understanding their ORA™ score has helped get the team on the same page regarding the importance of online reputation, and the training they’ve undergone to get them there has led to more team cohesiveness.

33% Increase

in ORA™ Score

9% Increase

in Resident Satisfaction

9% Increase

in Leasing Agent Performance

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