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Morgan Group + J Turner = Success

Morgan Group Increased Their ORA® Score By 7 Points.  Reputation management serves as the cornerstone of their brand.


A Need to Understand Residents

Reputation management can be a challenge for any busy property, but for Morgan Group, understanding their residents’ needs is a top priority. For this Houston-based company, branding is about more than just image and style. It’s about the lasting relationships they build with their residents. To truly discern what residents want and need, they know that it’s essential to keep the lines of communication open. 

However, their previous method of reputation management, with data housed in multiple places, made this difficult. Morgan Group wanted the ability to undercover their residents’ needs and make positive changes in order to build happier communities. To accomplish this, they wanted a solution that would put everything in one bucket and allow them to manage with ease.


Disconnection Leads to Dissatisfaction

Celebrating just over 60 years in business, Morgan Group oversees 10,000 units, with a portfolio of 35 properties in various states across the country, including Texas, Florida, Arizona, and more. With so many current and potential residents to keep track of, things can sometimes slip through the cracks, which could potentially lead to a disconnect when residents have issues and concerns — possibly reducing resident happiness. The team knew the time had come to move forward with a better system.
Over the last few years, the company has become hyper-focused on reputation because it is now a property’s digital curb appeal. Potential residents pay attention to what others are saying online, and for Morgan Group, resident satisfaction is integrally connected to their brand. They know that surface-level things such as finishes aren’t what matter in the long run. What people say about them will always be important; therefore, finding a better way to manage their reputation helps solidify their brand.

Seeking a Better Way

Morgan Group recognized that gathering feedback and assessing the opinions of prospects and residents were key for improving real-time operations as a well as a way to propose improvements for the future. Before working with J Turner, they were limited in their capacity to gather and organize feedback in a meaningful way. Reviews were scattered across various sites and there was no easy way to weed out helpful suggestions. They desired a solution that would not only make it easier to understand what residents thought, but also would provide them with the details they need to make meaningful improvements.

As an example, one of their properties, Pearl Midtown, catered to a specific demographic. Surveying the residents unveiled a shared preference among many of them: the desire for patio balconies. With this knowledge gained from having a centralized resident satisfaction portal, they were able to increase happiness by redesigning the buildings to allow for additional outdoor spaces and patio balconies.


The Decision Criteria.

First and foremost, Morgan Group was interested in J Turner based on our stellar reputation. They also appreciated the range of abilities that J Turner’s products would give them, including the ability to log on to one platform and see every single comment and feedback in one place. Ultimately, they were impressed with J Turner’s longevity in the industry. With over 35 years of experience in research, J Turner understands how to navigate fluctuations in trends, and Morgan Group felt this history signified J Turner’s long shelf life. Morgan Group looked forward to working with a company that they felt would move and grow with their business.

For Morgan Group, it has always been important to monitor and know what people think about them, good and bad, and embrace it all in order to grow. Morgan Group builds products designed with the resident in mind, and based on the needs of the market, the ever-changing environment demands that the developer be in touch with the end user and fully understand what they want. J Turner gives them the capability to do so.

Addressing the Company’s Needs

Morgan Group began working with J Turner in 2014, beginning with surveys to gain insight into the resident experience. In 2015, they added Ratings Tracker to their lineup of products, which gave them the all-in-one dashboard they wanted to keep track of their various properties. Together, both solutions help them hone in on what really matters to their residents and make improvements where necessary.


How J Turner Has Helped

In just 5 years, Morgan Group has been able to improve their ORA® score from 70 to 77. More than that, thanks to the actionable data they’ve received, they have been able to improve their properties with changes that resonate with residents. 

Morgan Group considers J Turner a partner that shares their values. They cite J Turner as a part of what they do every day. Based on the data they’ve gathered, they have been able to make changes to properties and are able to react quickly to the changing preferences of residents and prospects based on market conditions.

Point Increase Since Working With J Turner


ORA® Score After working with J Turner


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