Dayrise Residential

Dayrise Residential + J Turner = Success

Dayrise Residential wanted a better way to gauge resident sentiment and get ahead of potential negative feedback.
J Turner made it possible.


No System to Track Resident Sentiment

Established 11 years ago, Dayrise Residential manages 85 properties with approximately 27,000 units. They know that resident feedback is vital to the success of their business. Yet prior to working with J Turner, they had no formal system for tracking customer reviews. Without an easy way to collect and organize information, they lacked the valuable feedback that would enable them to improve their service to residents.

It was time to make a change and prioritize data.


Time Is of the Essence

Today’s fast-paced world means that we have come to expect results quickly. When properties don’t have a dedicated way to compile resident feedback, complaints may go unnoticed, often giving the impression that a company doesn’t care. 
Dayrise Residential realized that unaddressed complaints and unhappy residents meant they were risking losing out on both current and  future residents. They needed an improved method of processing resident feedback in order to address issues in a timely manner.

Always Striving to Improve

Dayrise Residential knows that there is always room for improvement and that feedback is often the key to elevating your standards of service. They also understand that building a great reputation takes time. They were willing to put in the work to make it happen; they just needed a better path forward.

Their goal in working with J Turner was to boost their properties’ reputations above the national average and, ultimately, to have properties that make the Elite 1%.


Why J Turner?

For Dayrise Residential, the biggest draw in working with J Turner was the ability to easily see how Dayrise stacked up against the competition. They were also impressed with the variety of products J Turner has to gauge resident sentiment at all levels—solutions that would collectively provide a comprehensive overview of where they stand. These factors ultimately made the decision to move forward with J Turner easy.

More Information = More Opportunities to Improve

For Dayrise Residential, a lack of information was one of the biggest obstacles they encountered prior to working with J Turner. The range of products offered by J Turner provided them with the means to fix these gaps. They began with Prospect and Resident surveys. Over time, as they began to see results, they decided to add more products, including Ratings Tracker Premium, 5 Star and Work Order surveys, and our Review Response Service.

Working in tandem with one another, these services provided a complete picture of how Dayrise Residential properties were doing, highlighting areas in which they were succeeding and opportunities for how they could do better.


Rising Above the National Average—and Beyond

Dayrise Residential’s reputation has vastly improved as a result of working with J Turner. They have seen an astounding 17.5 point increase in the ORA® score, a bump that has catapulted them beyond their first goal of exceeding the national average. In addition, their resident satisfaction as measured by the Turner Apartment Loyalty Index (TALi) score has jumped from 6.15 in 2017 to 6.55 companywide in 2021. Now, they are focused on continuing to raise their resident satisfaction ratings. Their ultimate goal is to have properties that are part of the Elite 1%, a feat that is in sight thanks to the detailed data provided by J Turner’s services.

One thing the experience has spotlighted is the importance of having the right person internally to spearhead the program to improve results. For Dayrise Residential, that employee is Hector, who has been instrumental in driving the success of their efforts.

Point Increase In ORA Score®
Percent Increase in Resident Satisfaction


TALi Score

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Dayrise Residential

Dayrise Residential knows that positive  resident satisfaction has a direct correlation with renewals and new prospects. However, without the proper tools, the company was having issues keeping up with the constant stream of feedback from residents. Working with J Turner has provided them with the resources they need to gather information and use it to make improvements—resulting in a 17.5 point increase in their ORA® score.