Asset Living

Asset Living + J Turner = Success

Asset Living Increased Their ORA® Score By 14 Points.  Improving the online reputation of their properties is their first priority.


No Simple Way to Monitor All Properties

Asset Living has been in business for 35 years. The third party property management company has grown tremendously over the years, now serving roughly 35,000 units across multiple properties located throughout the United States. Catering to student, senior, and multifamily housing needs, Asset Living understandably has a lot on their plate — each property has their own specific needs and concerns, and managing the reputation for all of them was becoming increasingly overwhelming. With multiple logins across various review sites, each property was struggling to manage everything in-house. Asset Living needed a solution that would help them build and improve the online reputation of all of their properties in a feasible way.


What’s at Stake?

Asset Living understands that marketing dollars may be wasted if they try to attract residents to properties with bad reputations. They wanted to take a proactive approach to address potential problems.

Assessing Their Options

At the heart of Asset Living's search was a strong desire to find a more efficient method of completing tasks. Managing online reviews, with the constant additions of new review sources, was quickly becoming a large-scale process that demanded a lot of time to dedicate to this initiative. Asset Living wanted a solution that would save their property staff’s time along with streamlining their response time to the customer. They also wanted trackable results and analytics to monitor improvements, or opportunities for improvements, at both a property and company level. J Turner’s platform delivered on all of these needs.


Why J Turner?

Asset Living chose J Turner because they liked our offensive and defensive approach to the problem. Managing online reviews is just one aspect of addressing resident satisfaction, but it is often reactionary and doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. With J Turner’s complete inventory of solutions, Asset Living is able to both take steps to repair any issues with a property’s reputation and make improvements for the future based on feedback.

In addition, Asset Living was impressed with our experienced team. They felt that J Turner was better equipped and trained to help them with their needs. Asset Living also enjoyed the collaboration and relationship building they were experiencing in working with the team at J Turner.


Making Life Easier

With J Turner as a partner, operations for Asset Living are much smoother. Receiving reports and automated emails means that they're on top of what's happening with their properties at all times. They consider J Turner’s services vital to their success: As Asset Living grows and they acquire more properties, it will be even more important to know what's happening at all of them, and most importantly, be able to manage them. With J Turner, they are able to immediately see where a property stands and make a plan of action to fix any problems.

Their ORA® scores have greatly improved, their on-site staff has been able to minimize their time spent managing reviews, and they have seen their improved ORA® scores translate to higher occupancy.

ORA® Score after working with J Turner


Point Increase Since Working With J Turner

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