PeakMade + J Turner = Success

PeakMade struggled with finding the best way to utilize resident feedback. J Turner helped them use their data to fuel their growth and rankings.


A Better Way to Organize Feedback

Launched in 2011, PeakMade has spent a decade helping students and multifamily residents discover communities to call home. In 10 years, they have more than doubled their starting portfolio, currently managing around 80 properties with more than 50,000 students served.

The company has always made it a priority to collect feedback, but in the past, they didn’t have a dedicated process in place for managing and organizing the information they received. They needed to figure out what they wanted to do with it and make positive changes that would improve the way they serve their residents. J Turner’s offerings seemed to have the answers.


Ranking High Means Hearing Your Residents

At PeakMade, one thing they have always known is that there’s no secret sauce to success in their industry. There is only listening to their customers. They sum up their approach in three words: People Matter Most.
Without feedback—and, most importantly, without a way to understand trends that were driving resident behavior—PeakMade wasn’t able to make adjustments that would improve the lives of their residents, thus leading to a lower rate of renewals and new prospect signings.

Better Connection + Higher Rankings

The primary motivating factor for seeking J Turner’s help was to better understand and connect with their customers. Another equally important goal was to rank nationally for excellence in student housing. Both goals were intertwined: they knew that their goal for better connection would naturally translate to higher resident satisfaction and, therefore, elevated rankings.


Why J Turner?

PeakMade has been a longtime client with J Turner, initially signing on in 2014. While they were adept at gathering feedback on their own, they were impressed with J Turner products and their ability to give them more insight into the data they were amassing. They also appreciate the various efficient ways J Turner has for collecting data from residents.

In the beginning, their focus was on generally gaining customer insights. They were interested in working with a partner who would work through ideas and troubleshoot and brainstorm with them. J Turner was just the company they needed.

Collecting Feedback From Multiple Sources

What began as a customer insight journey has transformed into a comprehensive method of collecting quality data that allows PeakMade to improve the way they serve residents. They use several J Turner solutions, including Prospect and Resident Surveys, Work Order Surveys, Fall Surveys, and Push Service. Getting various types of feedback is key for them: they realized that the more feedback they got, the easier it became to identify trends.


Achieving Goals: Landing in the Top 100

Understanding their residents and being able to truly hear their feedback has had a tremendous impact on PeakMade’s success. They have seen a 14.6 point increase in their ORA® score, making for a 24% increase in resident happiness. As a result, one of their properties ranked 8th in the Top 100 Student Properties, a reflection of the hard work they’ve put in to improve the resident experience.

Once a month, the PeakMade team meets with J Turner to analyze properties, go over goals, and make plans to achieve them. They say that Ratings Tracker has been a game changer for them, crediting it for helping raise their ORA® score. They look forward to continuing to use data to make impactful improvements.

Point Increase in ORA® Score
Percent Increase in Resident Satisfaction
8th Place in Top 100 Student Properties

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