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Dayrise Residential

Dayrise Residential knows that positive  resident satisfaction has a direct correlation with renewals and new prospects. However, without the proper tools, the company was having issues keeping up with the constant stream of feedback from residents. Working with J Turner has provided them with the resources they need to gather information and use it to make improvements—resulting in a 17.5 point increase in their ORA™ score.

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PeakMade debuted as a student housing management company with just 46 assets. Now, they have a nationwide portfolio with thousands of units in both student housing and multifamily communities. With J Turner’s help, the company has been able to gain customer insights that have propelled their properties to the Top 100 Student Property lists and more.

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RPM Living

RPM Living has always placed importance on resident satisfaction, and with 17,000 units in the Dallas area, they have plenty of residents to keep happy. After years of monitoring their online reviews and lacking the results they wanted, they sought an easier way to analyze their data to make meaningful changes to improve the resident experience. See how J Turner helped them build happier communities.

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Rockstar Capital

Rockstar Capital understands that they must earn their residents' renewals. They also understand the power of the internet in connecting them with the residents in their 22 communities. Yet this wasn't always the case. See how J Turner Research's services helped propel Rockstar Capital’s growth with an expanding portfolio of 4,220 units and new investors.

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Campus Advantage

With 33,000 beds to manage, Campus Advantage has a lot of balls to juggle to ensure students are happy. Surveys alone weren't giving them the data they needed to grow. With J Turner as a partner, Campus Advantage now has a much better understanding of industry trends. Learn how our tools helped them increase their ORA™ score by 21 percent.

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Cardinal Group

How can something as simple as listening change the way your residents feel about you? Cardinal Group was on a mission to find out. With J Turner as a partner, they found a better way to organize their data and gain quality insight from it. Learn how our approach helped them grow their student housing numbers from 20,000 to 72,000 beds!

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The Morgan Group

Morgan Group was struggling to get a handle on their online reputation. Overwhelmed with managing 35 properties and over 10,000 units, they wanted one simple way to keep track of resident reviews so their responses would be consistent. Learn how J Turner's solutions helped them regain control and improve their ORA™ score by 7 points!

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Asset Living

Asset Living wanted a better way to serve the residents living in their 70,000 plus units. With multiple review websites to manage and logins to juggle, it was time for an easier solution. With J Turner's Ratings Tracker and resident surveys, Asset Living now has a proactive way to increase resident happiness. See how we helped them!

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