ORA™ Power Rankings = 14 Million Doors, 420+ Companies, 10+ Review Sites and ILSs tracked monthly

What is ORA™ Power Rankings?

J Turner's ORA™ Power Rankings published by Multifamily Executive highlights the performance of properties, management companies, and REITs with regards to their online reputation. Since its debut in January 2015, ORA™ Power Rankings has caused ripples in the industry. ORA™ Power Rankings assigns an Online Reputation Assessment (ORA™) score to each property, based on a monthly, nationwide study of the online reputation of more than 14 million doors across multiple review sites.  The ORA™ score serves as the industry benchmark for measuring a property’s online reputation.

J Turner Research is the only company offering a comprehensive, quantifiable market survey of properties’ and management companies’ online reputation.

ORA™ Power Rankings Methodology

For more than three years, J Turner Research has been conducting extensive research on ratings and review sites to develop a single score that quantifies a property’s online reputation across multiple review sites. Each month, J Turner monitors the online reputation of more than 14million doors nationwide across 10+ review sites to assign an   Online Reputation Assessment™ (ORA™) score to each property. To overcome the challenge of multiple ratings scales, J Turner has devised a statistical model that establishes a single ORA™ score (based on a scale of 0-100) for each property. Fifty-four (54) is the national average ORA™ score. 

Why the ORA™ Score Matters?

  • Based on industry’s largest online reputation database - 14 Million Doors, 420+ Companies, 10+ Review Sites and ILSs tracked monthly.
  • Eliminates the complexity and ambiguity of measuring and quantifying a property’s aggregated perceptions across multiple review sites.
  • Facilitates benchmarking of the property or management company’s portfolio vs. competition at a local, regional, or national level.
  • It is a stable, consistent, and carefully weighted score to track a property’s performance with regards to its online reputation.
  • Assists with performance rewards, advancements, bragging rights, and prioritizing valuable resources. 

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For further information on ORA© Power Rankings, please contact J Turner Research team at research@jturnerresearch.com.